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One Black Friend

Inspired by "Black People Love Us", and joked about continuously in and out of the office, I proudly present to you the person that adds color to everyone's life: your "One Black Friend"! Yes! Your OBF (One Black Friend) adds seasoning to much needed blandness, and even has friends of other nationalities to make any strictly caucasian event feel like a UN meeting! I don't care who you are or what you do, EVERYONE needs that special OBF in their life; whether it's to feel safer while driving through those 'minority neighborhoods', learning how to dance hip-hop and other 'urban styles that look cool', to understand the struggles of those with African descent and their social and political aspirations, or to finally figure out why you never go back once you go black, your OBF is simply invaluable for all of that and more! Come and see what this OBF has done for those around him.



Due to recent events, OBF Prime is advocating for all OBF's to surround themselves with as many white people as possible 24/7. If that is not feasible, then ensure that you have your OWF (One White Friend) with you in the following areas:

Please stay tuned for any further announcements.

A Future NAACP?