The NAACP, the oldest active civil rights group in the US, is poised for yet another major decision since its inception. How it proceeds would not only show its relevance in American society, but will show the very essence of civil rights in action. It is my belief, that by changing one letter in the acronym that makes up its name, it will become the most powerful force in politics, vastly out-influencing Corporate Money in our nations governing. Remove the "C", and add an "A" that will embrace ALL people, and you shall see this organization grow and metamorphisize into something that its founders could only wish for on a star.

The National Association for the Advancement of All People. It has a much nicer sound to it. It also leaves me with a much nicer feeling inside as a human being. Granted, there are still many obstacles that African-Americans need to remove from society (both internal and external), but this name change would bring back the essence of the organization, where W.E.B. Du Bois cared about Asians as much as Africans. If he were alive today, I firmly believe that he would be adamant about fighting for the rights of Latin Americans just as fiercely as if he were fighting for his own rights. Before anyone of Caucasian descent becomes concerned about their own right to be treated equally and fairly, as everyone else should be treated, that IS the point of the entire enterprise; to have EVERYONE treated as equals, so that no one is excluded in any way, except by their own, personal actions.

All people. Regardless of skin pigmentation, sexual orientation, sexual identity, gender, or age, ALL people who wish to contribute to our society in a positive way will be represented. It would be wise for the leadership of the current NAACP take stock of the changing socio-political environment, and adapt to the new struggles that are facing all people: lack of proper education, job/career placement, income disparity, a meaningful and true representation in government on all levels, and more. Ideally, we should all be working to form a more perfect union without the need for any specific organization championing the causes of the citizens of this nation. Unfortunately, we do not live in such ideal times. I hope to see the day when the NAACP will evolve to help bring us closer to that ideal, and champion the causes of all people, regardless of skin color... because our needs are the same.